Julep At Your Fingertips

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Company Overview –

Julep is a subscription based beauty company that sends subscribers boxes filled with different beauty products based on a style profile each month. For $19.99/month – Julep Maven members receive over $40 worth of products, gain first access to the latest beauty innovations by Julep and get free shipping along with 20% off of additional products at julep.com. One does not need to be a member to purchase products from Julep, but non-members pay a higher price. Julep sources the best beauty technology for their products – testing and refining all to benefit their customers. Through successful mobile marketing campaigns, Julep’s customer-base literally grew overnight.


Mobile Promotions Strategy –

Julep has launched an SMS promotions campaign through their “Mobile Insider Club”. This mobile club allows subscribers to opt-in to text message that contain promotions/deals of Julep nail polish and other beauty products. The reason why SMS is successful, especially for Julep, is that it lets the company connect personally to each customer by sending each of their mobile subscribers a text message with new deals, discounts or new products launches. Customers opt-in to receive these SMS from Julep which means these people chosen and want to hear from you. The important thing for companies utilizing the an SMS promotions strategy is that in order to keep those subscribed, they must continue to develop this relationship through compelling content and offers. If it is just advertisements, the efforts will fail.


Mobile Marketing Campaign –

When Julep launched their “Mobile Insider Club” marketing campaign back in 2013 with its SMS promotions, this mobile effort generated 5,000 new mobile subscribers in less than 24 hours. Prior to this SMS promotion, Julep never had a mobile phone number database. This means that their mobile subscribers grew from zero to 5,000 in less than one day. Anyone who signed up to be a Julep Mobile Insider by texting “Julep” to 33733, received a new Mobile Insiders reward of 50% off their next nail color purchase. Customers received this offer immediately upon successfully joining the Julep Insider club and expires 7 days from when a person opted in to the program. They provided subscribers a compelling reason to go to Julep’s website, use the promotion coupon code and continue their mobile subscription. Customers were not just receiving advertisements, but actually offers and discounts that gave them a reason to stay in the mobile club. Julep Mobile Insider Club members continue to receive text messages, no more than eight message per month or until they decide to opt-out of the messages.

To promote the new campaign, Julep used both their existing email database and Facebook and Twitter to advertise it. They also work with their established media sources to create the necessary buzz around their SMS promotion.

Hitting the Target –

Julep’s mobile club is targeted specifically towards young, tech savvy women as they are an online beauty company powered by girlfriends. These are also women who are highly interested and seek out the best beauty products. They also know that their main female customers are constantly on the go and Julep wanted communicate with them in a way that best fit their lifestyle. The company developed an easy opt-in process that takes people only seconds to complete which also fits with the on the go lifestyle of its target.

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Nailed It –

Personally, I had never heard of Julep before doing this case study. I opted-in to the Julep Insider Club and it was an extremely easy and quick process. This promoted me to browse the website to see all the different nail polish colors they had available as the offer was 50% off any nail color purchase. I’m highly considering using the coupon and buying a nail polish just to try their products as the discount is pretty nice. If you are not a Julep Maven, a nail polish costs $14, but with the 50% discount it is only $7 which for me, makes it worth the purchase to try it and see if I like it. From a personal standpoint, I say that this SMS campaign is successful because it got me to sign up for the mobile club, go to Julep’s website and figure out which nail polish I wanted so that I could use my coupon.


Julep partnered with Tatango, a SMS marketing company to create this mobile campaign and collected the necessary data. After the launch, the promotion produced a 10.7% redemption rate (107 of every 1,000 new Julep Mobile Insiders made a purchase/utilized the coupon). The SMS program itself maintained a 99% retention rate, meaning that only 1 out of every 100 people that joined the campaign opted out of it. The company also so insist success because more than 5,000 customers signed up within the first 24 hours.

Julep’s SMS promotions are also not a one time deal. They continually promote new products and offer additional deals to their club members. To market one of their new nail colors, Kai, Julep sent a mobile coupon for the nail polish to all of their Insider club members. Julep is social and continue to leverage both their mobile and social media outlets to communicate with their customers and reach new ones. The campaign is personal and not just advertisements, targeted to Julep’s primary audience and immediately received upon opting in. Overall, I believe Julep’s SMS promotion was very successful achieving the goals of the campaign.



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